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That is a fantastic 627!!!

As you guys know I really like the unfluted N-frames.

I saw one of these back in '90 and liked it but pasted on it because I thought the checkering on top was after-market, never seen it before.

I think the gun looks great! It has a wild set of features. The 5 1/2" is unexpected, and to go with the full lug. Then the grips just set it off as well.

Blackcloud2, raises a good point. I never seen unfluted S&W until '89 when I got my first. Then it seemed that each 44 mag I saw that POPPED my eyeballs out were unfluted, so that's all the 44s I got. I think the old SA look is part of it for me, other is the pure smooth lines.

Just my thoughts.

Great gun twomoons.
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