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make mine 45 acp 馃槑
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so I deserved a new gun and I bought one. there, I said it.. no hemming an hawing, no agonizing on is it the right deal. just see it, make a fair and firm offer, go pick it up!

its a just for fun gun - not one of my collecting niches, but I have been known to favor a moon clipped 45acp weapon or 2 at the range..

I put a dent in the gun fund, but still did well better than gunbroke and reaped the additional FTF sale benefits .. ;)

so the newest toy: M625 with 3" barrel, a round butt N Frame .. sellers pics, its already been disassembled and is soaking in some kroil... maybe next weekend some little scotchbrite touchups, a little mothers for that ring around the collar, some pre-lim cleaner and renaissance buff and it will be ready to claim a bbq spot..

625 - 1.jpg

625 - 2.jpg

seller included this fitted custom holster from GA maker, and a stack of about 70 new steel moon clips..
625 - 5.jpg

now I'm looking for some new grips, not sure what I want - but they are for show.. I have a correct set of pac's in the grip box that will be its work wear, but I'm looking for some go-to-meetin shoes..

came to me with the older ahernds pictured - and while they are nice, I want an upgrade..

now, what should I do about those grips y'all - hmm...

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Hey Blazer,

Oh Yeah!

Get the fancy "Shoes"! nfiofnp

Later, Mark
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I don't know . Those Ahernds and that shuck look like packin perfection to me. Look like rosewood that have darkened a little with age. Classy stuff on a classy bigmouth Roscoe.
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