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I just got in a bunch of the orange 15 rd followers for my 5906 and 6906 mags. The 5906 mags are the early 14 rd ones, so that was just common sense to upgrade them. I plan on ordering the Wolff extra power springs eventually.

But when I opened up my 6906 mags, the followers are the original black ones, but they look essentially the same as the orange 5906 late model 15 rd followers. Will the orange 15 rd followers from a 5906 actually make a stock 6906 mag a 13 rd mag? The orange followers for the 5906 are deffinitely different than the black 14 rd 5906 versions. Shorter legs, and the body between the ramp and the spring pad on the bottom are thinner. But they look essentially the same as a stock 6906 follower.

What, if anything, will add an extra round to a 6906 mag? I have the 17 rd MecGar mags, but they stick out a bit. The spacers for the 5906 mag in a 6906 are on order. hipnp
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