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I bought this 586 "no dash" back in the early 80s when revolvers were not in vogue. I can't remember where I bought it..but probably a gun show. I've shot it on occasion but never looked under the grips. A true tack driver with a legendary S&W trigger. I am moving things around a bit and decided this needed a Ballistol rub down and closer examination. Under the grips on the frame,it is stamped 12-81 and it looks like the gun went back to S&W for a such a young age! Maybe the original owner had a complaint about the original finish not being "perfect" and sent it back? sure came back 100%. It's one of the few "spotless" nickel guns I own. The AAA prefix should place its birth in early 1980 production according to the bible as the AAB prefix started in june of 1980. The grips are marked Nov 1982 so..not original grips. Such a worthless refinished, non original gun. Oh the travesty. I hope I can get back my $175 investment...:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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