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I have a 457 that needs a new mag catch. I have read IIRC that some 457's that went to law enforcement had the mag catch updated to metal.
The 457 has a catch, catch nut and a tornado type spring.
Any reason why a mag catch, mag catch nut, mag catch plunger and mag catch spring for a 4576 wouldn't work?
Both are 3rd generation. The 4576 having a steel frame vs the alloy 457 frame.
I can't believe the up graded LEO 457's had special made mag catches.
New poster and I hope I'm using the correct forum: Gunsmithing
I have the same Model 457 and need the Magazine catch also. I see I can purchase plastic cap (Magazine Release Button) and Catch Spring.... did you have any luck finding a solution or available parts anywhere?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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