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4553 TSW

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I came upon a deal on a 4553 TSW its a pre rail gun S/N MSF2026 I don't see a lot of information on these guns other than date of manufacture is around 1997- 1999 any Idea how rare these are. I feel the price is right to add it to the collection any idea as to REAL value which means pre COVID 19. Its a personal sale item from friend and I want to be sure we are both happy. Does anyone know anything about these any issues or problems.... I doubt there is any issues with a 3rd gen TSW but I have to ask before I (pardon the pun) pull the trigger and shoot a hole in my wallet
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Not rare or even scarce. Its a third gen S&W and is pretty much bullet proof. Just a 4516 in DAO. Some people like them some don't, but the common reason is whether or not you like DAO or not.

I got one in trade and traded it for a 4516 as I prefer Single-double and I have small hands/short fingers and the trigger reach was too much for me.
I have a 4566TSW that is a superb .45 service pistol. Just like the others in the series - luckily my hands and the pistol's grips are compatible... size 11.
I was under the impression the pre rail ones were a little more scarce/early than the ones with the rail which is what is being stated to me and the asking price is 600.00 I feel that is reasonable but a little high. The condition is VG with 2 mags no box or papers. It has a shorter grip than a 4516 I can only get 2 fingers on it vs 3 fingers on the 4516 the 4553 is 6+1 the 4516 is 7+1
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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