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I was on wikipedia and it said all thats needed to make it take a .45 super is a spring change.

Is that true?

Next question, the grips what are options to replace them? I loved the 59 girps, but these new plastic grips don't fit my hand correctly. So can I put that type of grip on the 3rd gens?

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I too have heard that since the case head is fully supported in a 4506 barrel, the .45 Super can be shot. Having a barrel that fully supports the case head, unlike a Colt 1911 style gun, is a critical requirement.

Using a heavier recoil spring is a must to compensate for the more powerful .45 Super and prevent frame/slide battering.

I have not tried it myself... I once fired a friend's 1006 and did not like it, if the .45 Super feels anything like a 10mm, it's not my cup of tea.

If your 4506 is sporting the factory straight back grips, many people swap them out with a set of factory curved back grips.

Curved back grips:

I did that with mine and liked it a lot until I read on another forum about the FBI "Palm swell" style for the 1076 (which is the same frame size) fitting a 4506.

Even though the 1076 has the decocker lever on the frame that the left side grips are relieved for, the gap is minimal. The FBI grip has more pronounced recess that the web of you thumb fits in, moving your trigger finger closer to the trigger. The grip swell makes it just a bit thicker than the other factory grips and feels better in my hand.

FBI Palm swell grips:

I also tried the Hogue's which are much thicker than factory grips and I felt that they added to much girth and did not feel right in my hand.
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