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44 Triplelock (1912 vintage) value question

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I have located a .44 triplelock, serial #7163 which puts it at about 1912 manufacture according to "the book". Has late model magna grips (non-diamond, probably from the 1970s), 6.5" barrel and is in about 90% rust or pitting, just honest wear. Guy has it listed for $1100. Is that a fair price or??? I'm not into these old S&Ws..the oldest I own is a 1954 pre-27. Thanks for your help/advice.
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The correct grips are findable, if a bit costly.
A picture or two would sure help us ascertain value for you.
This much I'll say, however: In the condition you indicate, $ 1,100 is a fair price.
Let me know if you don't want it.
Thanks Don. I know I "want" it, its just the "afford" thing at this point! I just bought a 28-2, so the gun fund is a bit low. I'll keep you posted on it though, and give you a shot at it if I don't get it.
I'd feel better pricing if I could see some pix, but I would not say the gun is out of the right price range.

If you are interested in the correct stocks for the gun, I have some gold medallion service stocks I would be willing to work with you on getting them on a gun that needs them.

I'd say go for it if you can.

Hey thanks Chuck...I'll contact you if I do get it...and if I don't, perhaps Don will! :D
As always, be careful of refinished guns.... a surpisingly high number of New Century Triplelocks were refinished....

Keep your eyes peeled for star markings.

At $1,100 a true 90% gun is undervalued by several hundred dollars in my opinion. However the stocks could set you back that amount alone....

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