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.44 Magnum and Hornady XTP's

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I have some 200 grain Hornady XTP's that I picked up today for my .44 Magnum, but I am having trouble finding a load that would give me about 1,100 fps with Unique out of a 4-inch barrel. All the loading date I see is for 1,300 or more.
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I'm looking at some data in a Handloader article (June 2006, #241). Brian Pearce is loading .44 Magnum with 200gr. XTP-HPs with 11.0gr. Unique for 1145fps in a 6 1/2" pre-29. That should be close to your target for a 4" barrel. He refers to it as a "Midrange .44 Magnum load".

12.0gr Power Pistol will do ~ the same thing.

I wouldn't want to shoot that bullet at 1500fps from a 4" M-29! jhgva;o :)

He might be looking for a load to be used at much closer range than ~100 yards where you wouldn't have so much lost velocity. (?)

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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