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.44 Magnum and Hornady XTP's

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I have some 200 grain Hornady XTP's that I picked up today for my .44 Magnum, but I am having trouble finding a load that would give me about 1,100 fps with Unique out of a 4-inch barrel. All the loading date I see is for 1,300 or more.
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David, Mick

XTP's braggin' rights are that they supposedly expand at a very broad range of velocities.... from less than a 1,000 fps up to over 1800.....

That being said, I've never tried them at the lower speeds.

I do use alot of 200 Grn. .429" XTP's but at around 1400 fps. One of my favorite loads is 26.0 Grns of IMR-4227 and a Standard Federal Primer. Very consistant and accurate. Recoil is snappy but not too sharp out of one of my 4" 29's or 629's.


I just went back and reviewed the Hornady claims for the XTP and I get the sense that the major design influence is penetration and weight retention over explosive expansion.

Take a look:

I get the sense that the intended applications this bullet are more in the vein of Hunting as opposed to a Self Defensive. The XTP is deemed a "Controlled Expansion" bullet. It is also interesting to note that when Hornady loads this bullet in it's own branded .44 Magnum ammunition they push it along at 1500 fps. See: ... t_sku=9080

My guess is that it did what it was supposed to do on your Elk and that you got the best this bullet could give..... but maybe you're right.... a good, hard cast lead slug would have given you the same performance.... but you brought home the bacon and that's all that counts....

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I've never Chronographed it, but depending upon the manual you use, my load from above is indicated as 1450 fps.

It's not as bad as it sounds..... recoil is sharp with muzzle climb, but not as punishing as with heavier bullets. Changing the "Cheese Graters" for Smooth Target Stocks help alot.

I use this load because it shoots equally well out of my Carbines and 4" Field Guns.

Note that the Hornady tables are using a 7 1/2" Barrel for their test data. I've not shot these that I can remember....
Great Links xtm....




Shot through an Elk, skidded on a rib, and dumped all of it's energy inside the critter and you got some roasts out of the deal....

Looks like advertizing for Hornady to me!

Thanks for going to the trouble of putting up those snapshots.

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