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44 Mag loads with Vihtavuori N105

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Hello everyone!

I am trying to load my supply of range ammo this year, and use up some powder that I have on hand.
Since I have more large pistol primers than small pistol, I thought the 44's might get out and play more this year..

So, about a year ago I picked up at a great price, 2 pounds of Vihtavuori N-105 powder, when my buddy was closing up his gun shop.
Since powder is in short supply right now, i figured I would save my 2400, and use this stuff up.
Does anyone have any experience with this powder 44 magnums?

The below data came off of the manufacture's web site, and tested with a 7 inch barrel, and probably a universal receiver. The manufacture shows 13.4 a starting load with a 250 grain bullet, with the velocity is 1253.
Max load shows 16.7 and the Velocity is at 1406.
There is something that just don's look right about this data. 1406 FPS out of a 250 grain bullet in a 44 mag? That cant be right, or can it?
A starting load of the N-105 is faster than a max load of 2400? Am I looking at this right?
My Lyman manual shows a max load of 2400 to be 20.6 at 1248 fps.

I'm not asking for any one to stick their neck out here... I just wondered if any one else uses this powder, and what your results were, or if you can tell me if I am looking at the data right? All I have to go on is the data on their site, as I have no listing for this powder in any of my manuals.

These loads will be used in my Red Hawk, and not in my Mod 29. My usual load is a max load of 4227 or 2400 in the Redhawk, and lighter loads of 9 grs of Unique in the mod 29.
Thank you for any help you can provide. :)
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