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I'm looking for some reloaders with experience with 240 grain LSWCs and AA#9 for 44 mag. I typically use AA#9 for my 357 sig loads.

But I have a can with perhaps 800 grains left, Federal large pistol primers (not magnum) and some 240 LSWC from a local bullet caster/FFL (Aardvark Enterprise bullets from Poulsbo, WA).


My favorite 44 mag load is pretty light recoiling at 7.3 grains of Universal behind these bullets. A little smoky but very accurate out of my 7.5" Redhawk. 1-2" groups offhand at 25 yards. Perhaps 820 fps. But want a little more for this:


But would love to use this AA#9 powder for slightly stouter rounds in my 629 V-Comp. AA#9 is known as a decent magnum powder. Their manual is shows:
Starting @ 18.1 / 1255Max 20.2 / 1426 / 1.56”COL

Seen some loading it light down to 12.0 grains but already have an inventory of lighter recoiling 44 mag rounds.

I can only load a few cylinder fulls @ 18+ grains a charge - perhaps 44 rounds.

Any concerns pumping these through a 629-6?

AA#9 fans, what are your 240 LSWC recipes?

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Hey J,

AA 9, like H 110/296 performs best at "higher" pressures....such as with a jacketed bullet. With the cast bullet you may have "hang fires" or very incomplete combustion....(much less friction driving a cast bullet out the tube, than a jacketed bullet = lower pressure for a given velocity)

2400 works well with cast bullets, BECAUSE it is a DOUBLE BASE powder.

With a cast bullet, would try 9gr to 9.5gr of Universal (look at their Manual)....Should give 1050fps or so..

My "go to" cast 44 & 45LC loads are 240gr LSWC or 255gr LSWC with 7.5gr Universal. Both are about 900fps from 8-3/8" revolver. Both are over 1150fps from carbines. Easy on the recoil. Accurate on the steel. (y)

Less recoil.

Hope this helps...

Later, Mark
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I'm down to the last pound from my 8# jug of AA #9 and I cast lead bullets for my S&W 44 magnums. I assure you that 18.0 grain of AA #9 with a 240 grain bullet is brisk and satisfying. The empties will fall from the cylinder with a light push on the ejector rod.
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