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44 carbine

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picked this up last week to go with the 629.stubby 16" barrel on this puma in 44 mag.holds 8 + 1 and should be just about perfect in the brush for hogs.

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Very nice, you might want to knock that shin down before you take into the woods. I need to get myself one just for shooting .44spl's.
It'll wake you up on your end, and put 'em to sleep on the other end.
I never shot a lever action .44 mag.. I hear that they are brutal........on both ends!!!! :eek: :lol: Bob
:lol: just depends how you load them up bob :lol: .I had a marlin 44 mag about 12 years ago and used it for hunting the brush.I took several deer with it and had a friend talk me out of it.
my last hog hunt shots were 10-50 yards so I think this little stubby will workout just I just need to find a load that the 629 and the carbine likes and I'll be set.I brewed up a batch of my 429421's to work with.I will have a range report soon.
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That is a beauty!
I have a Trapper M94 and even top loads are nothing in regards to recoil.
I would consider IMR-4227 Powder with those 240's.... I use 25.0 grns for a snappy sidearm load that shoots well out of a carbine.... do you have any difficulty feeding that sharp shouldered Keith through a tube mag?

My trapper is okay with Special length rounds loaded with these slugs, but sometimes Magnum length rounds are bawky....
the 429421 bullet feeds smooth in 44 mag brass.that said the 429360 hangs a bit on the shoulder in mag brass.both feed fine in 44 special brass.
I use 240 jhps and a near-max charge of H110 or 296 in mine. As I stated before, there's enough recoil to wake you up, but I wouldn't call it brutal. Within 100 yards or very little more, it's a deer stomper. I also shot a squirrel with it once, missed the head shot a bit too far back, and it wasn't pretty.
Like I said....I never shot one. I have shot a .30-06 and .45-70.....and a .44mag. handgun. Recoil is very much a subjective issue. Some people can't handle heavy recoil. :roll: Bob
Bob K said:
Like I said....I never shot one. I have shot a .30-06 and .45-70.....and a .44mag. handgun. Recoil is very much a subjective issue. Some people can't handle heavy recoil. :roll: Bob
After open-heart surgery, I'm one of them. My previous post wasn't meant to be critical, Bob, just MY subjective report.
follow up

went to the range this morning and shot is handy stubby carbine.
my bud had his chrony set up so gave it a try.

my cast 250 gr with 16.0 grs 2400 avg 1357 fps.I am sure that would do in mr piggy is short order :D .it was holding a 1 to 1 1/2 group at 50 meters which is MOP (minute of pig) :lol: .

I also put a few rounds thru the ruger 44 mag.the above load shot great and I would say the recoil was stiff in the ruger.the most accurate load in the ruger was 7.5 gr's with my 250 gr was cutting a ragged hole with that load.
anyways a great way to spend the day.


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Nice pictures. Nice looking rifle. I would like to pick up a Henry big boy in 44.
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