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4006 Lasermax?

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After some searching, it looks like there isn't a Lasermax guide rod laser for the 4006. I'm just wondering if a 5900 model would work, maybe with a different spring? Anyone know?
The grip laser sight is available for the 4006, but I'd rather keep the grips it's got-
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They told me the 5906 unit wouldn't work on the 5906TSWs due to frame changes. I'd phone LaserMax and ask...
I'm curious if you ever found out about your laserMax? I would think if it was made for a 5906 it would fit a 4006. I know the two guns are very similar in size and shape but the 4006 is alittle beefier to handle the greater recoil from the 40cal. Also, if you did install it post some photos if you can.
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