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.40 ammo. What do you prefer?

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Just want to get some thoughts on the best defense ammo for my 40ve. I've got 180 gr. Speer Gold Dots in it now.
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I'd say you're pretty good to go with those.
Steve thats as good as it gets. You have picket a great combination. :)
I've been shooting the R-P Fed Spec 155 Grn JHP's for years..... I've shot matches and taken game with the stuff.... it's performance is truly amazing.

It shoots well in my Glock G22's, Kahr MK40, Browning High Power, Ruger PC40 Carbine.

I've got 7 cases of the stuff around here. It's all I use. It's all I want.
I like the 165 grain Gold Dots. They are amazingly accurate & reliable in my Glock 23, and recommended by Massad Ayoob...that's a ringing endorsement as far as I am concerned. I've never used the 180's before.
I carry 155 gr. Federal hydra-shok in my 40. If you look at the stopping power charts on ...... it rates pretty dang high for 1 shot stops ........... and it's usually readily available locally.
1+ on the 165 gold dots, try a box. Middle of the road for 40 cal, 180grs on the heavy side and the 135's are kinda snappy.
I carry 180 grain Gold Dots in my Sigma, but I've also carried WWB 180 grain JHP's and they work just as well per brassfetcher's tests.
Speer Gold Dot .40 180 gr. is issued by both my department and my son's department. And several Federal agencies issue them to their agents. I think that that's a pretty good recommendation.
My preference in .40 is either the Remington Golden Saber, or the Federal Hydra-Shok.

I doubt that any JHP by an established ammunition manufacturer will be a bad choice in this caliber.
I carry a 1911A1 in .45 ACP for self-defence. So, my comments are irrelevant and totally worthless. I just like to shoot, so I buy the cheapest stuff available from Wal-Mart. That didn't help much, did it?
I have shot the WWB FMJ 165 & 180 for target, have a few hundred rds of the WIN BEB (Brass Enclosed Base) WinCleans in 180, no lead is exposed to gun. For SD I carry WIN PDX1 180 gr. All of these have proven accurate and the FMJ stuff is cheap for blastin' lots of rounds. I'm replacing the FMJs as I shoot it up with the BEBs for the lead issue when indoors. Costs a little more but it has it's benefits.
The 180gr Gold Dot is likely the most used .40 loading by police. I have friends over in KC who have used this load in OISs to good effect.

It is frankly hard to find a bad .40 JHP load, although the 165gr Hydrashock comes close.
i like 180gr federal personal defence hydrashok :mrgreen:
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