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4 screw model 27 5.5 barrel

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Im thinking this is a good buy. Im to broke to get it thought some one in here might be interested. ... ng=cid=325
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Onenut Go to cabela's web sight and scroll down to the gun library , you can spend hours there. :)
I think that this is a 6 1/2" barrel? Would this be a 27 dash nothing, or a 27-1?
I dont know. I assume its a 27 dash nothing. It says five and a half inch barrel. But could be a misprint. I learn every day in here about models that are not commonly known and I havent heard of a 5.5 inch barrel.That dont mean they didnt make them though or some one cut one down at some time.
But for 650 bucks for a four screw from what I have seen thats a pretty good buy and it looks to be in very nice condition.I very seldom come across even a 27-2 in exellent condition for that price. I may be wrong but I am pretty sure this gun is before the dash one models.
If I had the money I would be very tempted to buy it.I dont so I thought some one in here might so I posted it.
I seen a nice outdoorsman K-22 for 950 in the site to I didnt post but would love to have.It said it was made in 1939.
Cpierce that gun is at a cabellas.I found it in guns international but its listed as being owned by cabelas in post falls Idaho.I have cabelas in my favorites and go there pretty often though and agree they have some realy nice guns and exellent pictures. They are for the most part way over priced though. But you do come across a deal in one of there stores like this one.
But thanks for the tip any way.
I see you all over this site posting friendly replies and comments and greeting new people.Im beggining to recognize the names in here and you and Dhenry and Doc 44 NFrame Hammerdown Giz and some others I havent been around long enough to see posting as much I am sure. But you fellas seem to be the heart of this site and why its such a exellent place to come. I am sucking up knowledge on a daily basis in here.I have seen you post some very very nice guns in here and hand out some good advice.
Dave that runs the site seems to be easy going and does a good job in here. But its guys like you that also make this site what it is.
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i went back in and looked at the gun and they have it listed under inventory a 6.5 barrel and below a 5.5 barrel.Looking at it its pretty obviously a 6.5 barrel. My favorite lenght. hehehe I still want it.
Looking at the picture, it does look like a 6.5" barrel. Looks to be a nice gun..
that is a nice one! The price seems fair too. I think the diamond target grips on it really make it. You are correct it is a 6.5" gun, I bet it was measured from the tip of the barrel to the frame instead of back to the forcing cone as it should be.

The gun is sold, unfortunately not to me. And those were "coke" grips on it, diamond targets have less of an area of checkering than the cokes.
What a bummer. I realy hoped some one in here could snatch it up since I couldnt.I think the coke bottle grips are the most attractive grips they ever made.I have never handled a set but they also look comforatable.They also look finished better than the later diamond grips.
So did the Coke grips just come on the five screw models?
Your right they were Cokes. I didn't look close enough. :oops: Also shows I'm loosing interest in revolvers... :roll:

I think mainly the cokes were for early 29's and 57's....prolly 5 and 4 screw guns but I doubt there is any firm rule on that. ;) :)
That was a nice lookin gun !!

Don`t forget with the Coke grips in that kind of shape , they add $300 to $400 to the value of the gun !! Crazy isn`t it !!

If that was a no dash , its DOB was most likely in the early 60`s range , so it could have come with them .

I feel for ya onenut !! :ymsigh:
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