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A buddy of mine wants to get a .357 lever action to also shoot .38s, assuming the gun can handle both without any loading/ejecting issues. With my Model 28 I shoot .357s first, then .38s to avoid build up in the chambers. Would the same be true for the rifle? I'm guessing that it would but I'm not sure. Thanx.

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I would guess it would depend on how much he is shooting at any given session and how often he cleans but .. I shot up to 150 rounds of 38 through my revolvers and then shoot some 357 and honestly .. while i have read much about carbon build up .. I have been shooting this way for years and was never impacted by it.

Now .. I am one of those nutty people who HAS to clean his gun after every range visit.

I think his bigger issue may be feeding. I have read some guns are better than others even from the same manufacturer at loading 38's. My henry ate the 38's up just fine .. I just didnt find any fun in shooting 38's from a rifle.

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The cartridges headspace on the cartridge rim. If it causes any buildup at the front of the rifle's chamber, you'll feel it when trying to insert a .357.

A decent cleaning after use should take care of any buildup. As it's a contained chamber and barrel (without a gap as in a revolver) there should be no "flame cutting" like you sometimes see on a revolver frame.
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