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No box, no paperwork...but some tools. :mrgreen:

SN range makes it likely to have shipped around Sept. of 1946. Gotta love the long action transitionals...


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I like it Giz, I like it a lot. You may or may not know that I have a long action from the same general period. The serial number would place mine in the 1947-48 time period.

It looks like yours has the larger ejector rod end with the barrel cut-out,
but not sure. I'll post a pic of mine, that has the thinner ejector rod end
not requiring the cut-out. I do prefer the the rod end with the barrel cut-out.

Someone answered a post, maybe you, that said S&W used up whatever was in their parts bin irregardless of dash numbers and such.
I'm of the opinion that the "Victory" models all had the larger ejector rod head, so an early post war M&P could have barrels and ejector rods from the Victory models. . .You can see mine, still in the "S" serial number range does not have the large ejector rod end. Hank

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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