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That backsight is indeed an F.D.L. (Firearms Development Labs) "Wondersight". They were sold out of the backpages of Shooting Times and Guns and Ammo magazine..... I remember seeing their tiny little black and white ad for the first time around 1975 when I bought my first one.... they were $9.95 and shipped in a neat little white box about the size of a wooden matchbox. At the time FDL was in Oroville, CA.

Newly assembled "Wondersights" have been sporadically available since then and I think the assembly point has moved out of the Golden State. The last price I saw was $49.95 and the current owner was trying to sell the manufacturing tools.

The I've put the FDL "Wondersight" on several guns and they really do work. I bet the reason your Dad changed the front sight was for a bead. One of the selling features of the FDL was that you could use the existing front sight blade....

Cool Stuff. Neat Smith. Really Fine Story.

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