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.357SIG Barrel for M&P From Storm Lake

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I think I mentioned earlier I had ordered a Storm Lake barrel in .357SIG for my M&P40c.

The barrel came in today, about three weeks after I ordered it (about a week earlier than promised... they cut the barrel length to order.)

After opening the package, my first impression was very favorable... the barrel is well machined with a very well done finish... it certainly gives the impression Storm Lake knows their stuff...

The barrel is in a bright finish and very well machined... it dropped right into the M&P40c as easily as the factory barrel...

The polished finish is different than the black factory barrel, bit looks quite nice... I think I like it.

Have to find out if it shoots well...but I think it is going to be a winner...

I'm really happy to have it so my wife and I can carry the same cartridge on the same platform once again...


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Do they make Sigma barrels in .357 Sig? I got a SW40G thatI'd love to convert.
Please write back and let me know how it shot?? and does Storm Lake have a web site?? thanks
I bought one for my Glock 17 and it is a perfect fit and shoots better then the factory barrel.

I bought it to shoot lead from the gun. I could not be happier!!
Finally got to the range...and the Storm Lake .357SIG barrel for the MP40c worked very well indeed.

Shooting from a sand bag, it was probably slightly more accurate than my MP357c with it's factory barrel... nice tight reliable groups.


This is their web site.They have barrels for S&W M&P,Glock,1911,Sig and Springfield.

Thanks for the website im going to look into it for my M&P 40c.
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