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.357 Magnum

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Bill, those are some cool pics.


:-bd :-bd
Unreal Bill !!!
My word , outstanding !!
Just when I am done drooling over DHenrys and doc 44 pre 29 pics along comes some pre 27 pics.I realy honestly need me one of each at least.Its a definate plan to stick by.All these pics will haunt my dreams now.
You guys are killing me!!!

My keyboard will have to be replaced soon from all the drool I am getting in it.
Hey Bill!!! What's your address!!! :lol: :twisted:
Hello Bill
Gorgeous 5 screw 27's you have there. They are a Rare sighting in East Tennessee. I also like that Red Post Patridge front sight on your 27-2 they are not seen often and I have the same sight on a Model 17-2 K-22. I feel the 5" version of the 27 is the perfect Balance and eye appeal. Nothing compares to the eye appeal of a 5" 27 in my book. Here is my pair the blued one came to me with the cylinder rusty. I got it from the seller that it spent a Year in a Leather hunting holster and the deep pit's left in the cylinder were the result. I sent just the cylinder to Ford's in Florida and they did a perfect job matching the factory bluing. The Nickel 27-2 came from member Ralph here on the forum.They both are mid 1970's Guns and the finsh on them is very nice for that time period. These are my favorite models, and certainly the Cadillac of the S&W .357 revolver line ...Hammerdown

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Most excellent. As is often said,"They just don't make 'em like they used to."
This is my PIMP, Pretty In Mother Pearl, gun. It arrived last night, and I replaced some plastic MOP with a set of Executioner stags. I liked the looks better. 5 screw, 3 1/2 inch barrel and an Nickel finish on a gun that has no N on the frame. Re do. Rear sight and top strap is still blue, all else is shiny. S 1576XX. I am going to take this gun and all my wimmen to Bull Head City. There is a competing pimp up there. ;)
[email protected]
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I think everyone knows by now that the 27 family is my favorite revolver. Here are a few of mine.

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Like many members here, I really like the 'Model of 1950 .357 Magnum'.
Here are a couple of my favorites.

1950 w/5" barrel

1952 w/6" barrel

1953 w/6-1/2" barrel
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Beautiful Guns Don !!! B-)

Great pics as well !! Boy , I can`t wait to get outside again and I don`t mean to SHOVEL either !!! :mrgreen:
Very nice ".357" Magnums. I enjoy seeing the great photos you all take and post.

I'm sure I speak for the rest of the membership when I thank you for being so generous with your time and beautiful photos of your collection.
Having seen your posts makes me more aware of what the elements of a really good gun photograph are!

A 1950 Pre 27 that was likely a LE gun due to grip and bluing wear patterns. Now wears Hogues as it is my IDPA shooter. One of the early N frames with the "speed hammer".
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Love them 27s & pre-27s. Here's a few more...
1954 pre w/5" barrel...

Another 1954 pre w/3.5" barrel, renickled by S&W in June 1964....

and a 1980 4" nickel...
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Since we're talking about .357 Magnums and M-27s....... I really like the fine checkering done on the top straps of these models, and prefer it to the matte finish done to most others - like the M-29, for example.

Please educate me. Why did S&W not carry this checkering over to other models of the same quality? I don't buy cost-cutting as the reason, because they would likely have dropped the top strap checkering on contemporary M-27s too.

As the saying goes, "It is what it is."
The topstrap and barrel-rib checkering started out as an exclusive 'anti-glare' measure on the top-of-the-line Registered Magnum in 1935.
It's was carried over to the postwar .357's, like the Model of 1950.
Like the earlier Triplelock mechanism, it was a demonstration of the best and finest technology from Smith & Wesson's craftsmen.
It just didn't belong on any other model.
Hey Don ,
Your 357 from 1953 , Has that barrel been changed or the front sight base ??

I`m just wondering about the two pins for the sight base .

Those guns are beautiful !! B-)
This thread is killing me. Many years ago I had a 27 and had to sell to pay some bills. Worst decision I've made concerning firearms ever. Great pictures of one the best revolver ever. Thanks for the memories.
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