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now to here and have a 327 pc 8 shot 2 inch 357
I bought it used cuz I'm dumb and think the barrel isn't what is should be.
Its got the strangest rifling I've ever seen, doesnt seem deep, doesn't seem very pronounced. Almost smooth with very little peaks and valleys.
I can supply pictures if someone responds please help.

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First, welcome to the forum. You'll find quite a range of information and depth of knowledge here.

Read this article:

Tactical Revolver: Smith & Wesson’s Model 327 M&P | S.W.A.T. Magazine

It describes your revolver has having a Walther barrel with "Polygonal Rifling".

That is exactly what you're looking at in your revolver.

There's a discussion and photo in this article:

Polygonal rifling - Wikipedia

It's an advanced form of rifling that is now used on a variety of semi-auto pistols. I wasn't aware that they were doing this on S&W revolvers yet, and your report is the first I've heard.

It's much easier on the gun, easier to clean and just as accurate as normal cut ridge rifling.

One recommendation, though... Stick with jacketed bullets. Glock and other manufacturers of polygonal rifled pistols don't recommend shooting lead or coated bullets - and target shooters (like bullseye shooters) consider them less accurate at distances.
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