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I would appreciate ANY info about this revolver. I know it is a 32 DA 4th Model, made between 1883 and 1909. The box appears to match the pistol. You can see a faint discoloration on the inside bottom of the box where the revolver lay on its' right side for a long time. The left side is in better condition than the right. The cylinder fits almost like new - doesn't wiggle around, all the springs function surprisingly strong. The serial number on the cylinder and frame match. I removed the stock screw but the stocks seem hand fitted and quite tight, so I made no attempt to remove them. There are no cracks in the stocks, and I do realize they are hard rubber - and subject to breaking if dicked with.

I have a model 64, and a model 60. (from the department I retired from) Can anyone more closely determine when this was manufactured? What price might it realize should I decide to sell it?


1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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