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300 win mag

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i bought a new savage 114 in 300 mag i have reloader 22 and 300 165 gr. bullits i also have 200 hornady 220 gr. bullits i need to buy powder for any one have a some good loads new rem brass and cci mag primers
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My Winchester 70 300 Won Mag loves RL22 and 200 gr. Speer bullets set .015 of the lands/grooves
The 220s should do better but I never got around to trying any, or any 165s. Have some 200 gr Noslers that I am going to work on next. The load I have shot the most is the Nosler Protected Point 180s {on top of IMR 4350} because I can seat the bullets where the barrel likes {I have shot 1 1/4" at 200 with them}. My magazine is a bit short for other bullets to be seated out as far as the gun likes so the spire point bullets make the rifle a single shot.
80.0 gr Reloader 22
3,320 fps
OAL - 3.41"

Hornady 220
64.0 gr Reloader 22
2,795 fps
OAL - 3.365"

Start 10% lower in your gun and work up.

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thanks any one have any other loads for the 220 bullits with a other powder
These numbers are right from my Hornady 7th edition for their 220 grain bullet and RL22
sectional density .331
b.c. .300
c.o.l. 3.340
61.5 gr.-2300 fps
64.1 gr.-2400fps
66.7 gr.-2500 fps
69.3 gr. 2600fps
Maximum load is 71.9 gr for 2700fps
pick another powder and I'll tell you what the book says
and as Dave would say, "Hope this helps"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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