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The .30 super carry is an answer to a problem that does not exsist. . there is just no reason for the caliber . The Mauser .30 of the pre WW ! days proved that. Trying to come up with another caliber lying between the . 380. the 9mm the .40 and the .45 just does not make any since. Like the .41 Action Express, .45 GAP and the .357Sig the round will fade into obscurity . Ballistics are not better guns are not smaller and the recoil while lighter is equal to the .380. After shooting it that is my impression . A round developed to solve a problem that does not exsist . I'd rather see our ammo companies filling the shelves with rounds we already have guns for and not for guns that will be a flash in the pan !!

Just my thoughts as a long time shooter, Police Officer, Armorer and gun smith !!

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