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3" barrel model 10

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Hello everyone. This is my first time on this forum. I have a 3" barrel S&W model 10 revolver. It was manufactured for the Turkish Police in I believe in the late 70s or early 80s. As most of you know, S&W never made a model 10 in a 3 " barrel. I cannot find ANYTHING about this piece on the web ANYWHERE! It's been very frustrating. I hope someone can help me with any info on this gun. I inherited it from my dad. He once told me it's an overrun from a Turkish contract with S&W, and only a few were ever sold in the U.S. It's never been fired and it's still in the original box! I'm sure it's valuable since S&W never made a 3 " barrel model 10, and no S&W collection can be complete without one. Please, if anyone can help, please let me know. Thank You, Matt S.
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Welcome to the forum!
That is a fine looking 3" model 10!
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