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2nd Amendment March

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I guess I dont have to tell gun owners what we are up against. There is a grass roots movement that has just started. The goal of this movement is to have millions of gun owners rally in Washington DC and across the country in the Spring of 2010. In just the few days that our website has been up, we have posted almost 700 members! We ask, that if your 2nd Amendment rights are important to you to please go to our website: or: Join up, and join in!!!! This is an issue of great importance, and we hope that all of you here will take the time to get on board!!! Your "participation" is needed now! We ask that all of you spread the word, and get your friends and forum contacts notified....Now is the time to take a stand, and "just say NO" to restrictive gun laws that inhibit the rights of law abiding gun owners!!! see you there!!!
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I will go and know many others who will to_One million is not enough like some one else said 10 million would be a minimum.We should come with packs so we can stay more than one day also. For the people who cannot come they should be encouraged to march on there state capitals at the same time.Impeachment should be on sighns also.If Obama calls out the national guard then he will be trampling on our right to assemble and to free speach. That would be breaking the law and grounds for impeachment.If we come armed he will use it against us claiming we are trying to start a armed revolution and calling out the national guard will be to his advantage. Unarmed we would be over whelming for the officials in Dc and there would be nothing they could do to us that would not be on national news and illegal.
The nra needs to help with this and send out pamplets to every member and ask members to recruit others for the march.It also should take place this summer not in 2010.Organizations like the VFW and vietnam vets and korean should be contacted and ask for support and invited to fly there banners.Shooting organizations and companies like cabellas etc should be ask to come also.
This would be a nightmare to Obama and his down fall and there is a good chance he could be impeached along with his good buddy Biden and others.if the march was for three days instead of one more people would be motivated to join in and with the news coverage that would surely be there.Obama would be on the hot seat and forced to back off or make moves he will regret immensely.
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