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25-2 - Let's see 'em!

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Here's mine.. S series, shipped in '67. She came to me as a complete package; presentation box, etc.

As all of them are, she's a joy to shoot!

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Beautiful photo of a beautiful gun, Carl!
Do you use .45acp in clips or .45acp rim ammo?
I've tried it both ways, but I tend to like using clips better..

I can't believe no one else is showing their 25-2s!
Beautiful!! An "S" serial # 25 to 25-2 is on my short list!

I have a stainless 25-2 that I could post! ;)
OK, its boring around here, so I'm going to step "out-of-bounds" on this post and post my 625-3 4"...I know, I know, its not a 25-2, but its close! And it shoots .45 ACPs! ;)

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I searched for a 25-2 for a long time and finally found one on the Internet. This one came from North Dakota Unfired in it's presentation case with tools and paperwork.It dates one Year off it's Brother I have the 25-5 being 1976.I have heard some Horror stories of how the cylinder throats on some 25's are large making them not very accurate but this one shoots and groups fine.I found the Roper grip's at a Local show and they were on a newer model 27-2 with an 8-3/8" barrel. I swapped the vendor even up a set of Presentation grade matching Book grain walnut grips for them as he wanted the original grips for his 27 more so than what he called "Them there Here Fancy Grips"... :lol: Hammerdown

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Beautiful guns boy`s !! B-)

Nice grips Hammer !!

Carl , do any 25`s count ?? I don`t have any -2`s anymore ....... for now !!
Actually I found a pic of one I just sold .
It was unfired and in the case !! Really dumb move , but I sold it to a friend who was puttin the pressure on me !! Oh Well !!

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Ken, that's a good-lookin' 625! I've often thought it would be great to have a stainless twin to all my blue guns.. If I could afford it, I would.

HD, those Ropers really add to the looks of that gun!

Ralph, now you've got to go out and buy another one.. And, besides, you didn't even sell it to me!! (for shame! :lol: )
carl418 said:
HD, those Ropers really add to the looks of that gun!
Hello Carl
Thanks, They feel as Good as they look with their slim Profile it makes them Melt into your hand..I have never found any others grips that feel as good as Ropers do..Hammerdown
You've got some real beauties there guy's. Here's my 25-2, N-series, #24xxx that I picked up last summer for $450. I tend to think the oversize chamber thing is a myth also, this revolver will shoot well with any hardball or cast load I've put throught it so far. Keep them coming! Greg
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You stole that gun! Nice..

By the way, the oversize throats pertain to only the 25-5 models. (45 Colt) I've never heard anything like that about the 25-2 models.

But, I'm not in the least surprised to hear that yours shoots well.. the model 25-2 is one of the most accurate revolvers you can get!
About 1977 or 78 I bought a brand new 25-2 from my local dealer. I was young and into Magnum power and the mild mannered 45 ACP from such a big and heavy gun didn't impress me so I sold it.

About 3 years ago I saw one on GB with a $375 buy it now price. Made around 1980 it had a horrible drag line and a Millett rear sight but I bagged it and it turned out to be extremely accurate and fun to shoot. Now that I am more mature I can appreciate the qualities of such a fine revolver. Live and learn.

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Here is my 25-2. I've had it for four years and love it!
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Here`s a couple I picked up this past summer .
The top one is a 25 no dash and is really in nice shape !! I got the box , tools and paper work with it . The Diamond Targets are just as nice .

The gun on the bottom is a Pre 25 five screw thats been around . Its a great gun but it has some finish issues but for a gun that old I guess its ok . I use that one as my shooter and it does just that !!

Some beautiful guns here guy`s !!
Great post Carl !! B-)
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OK, here's mine. A pre 25-2 5 screw. I only wish it had its original grips when I got it in '91. It had a set of 80's GA Targets. These Ahrends are currently on my 24-3, and I got a set of repro Cokes for this one, but sadly I have no picture ready with the current grips

Actually Carl, some of these 25-2s run big too. This particular gun has cylinder throats that run .455-.456, but that is a 6 shot 25 yard group shot with .452 bullets off the bench. I pulled the high flyer. I benched some .454s(the biggest bullets I had) just for laughs and they shot no better.
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Patrick, that's the first I've heard of over-large cylinders on a -2. All I've ever heard about was with the -5 models. I learned something today..

I bet your revo looks great with the repro Cokes on it.. when you get a pic of it, how about showing us?
I can't do a 25-2 but wanna play.

It's nice to read that several here don't seem to make much of the bug-a-boo about chamber throats that is bandied about on forums in recent years. While I'm sure there's something to it I have to wonder if it's exaggerated. I long since discovered that most inaccuracy with firearms has more to do with me than it does with the firearm. Even my old Model 1917 shoots quite nice groups if I pay proper attention to technique.
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If you handload, the whole to-do about the cylinders is a non-issue. My 25-5 didn't do too badly with .452 bullets, but with .454s it does just fine.
I'm with you on that 'exaggeration' deal...
Certainly has never been a problem with either of my pre-26's, or the Ruger .45LC/.45acp Convertible.
The only accuracy issues I ever had were with a .45 Ruger New Model convertible that had been 'accurized', throat-wise, for the .45LC's.
Cost lots of money, and afterward you couldn't hit the wall of a barn if you were inside! :lol: And that was WITH .45LC loads!
Never found my M-1917's to be particularly accurate (military or Commercial), and both were extremely high-condition guns.
Personally, I find the .45acp 230gr. fmj's to be great hole-punchers in the pre-26's.
Go figure!?
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