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Welcome to the forums from the Wiregrass! Yep, Mark has nailed it: K-22 Outdoorsman's target revolver from 1937-40. It looks to be in excellent condition. Congratulations!

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Hey 10,

Welcome to S&W!

Way to go!

Pics of a great K 22 ...........right out the gate!!

Shoot well & often.

Later, Mark

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They have been selling for between $700 and $900 on gunbroker.
Really high condition 1st model K22's have frequently topped $1000.
very nice gun, 10
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Congrats on a great gun! About 10 years older than the one I just picked up a couple weeks ago. I have not had any real range time with it yet, but I suspect it will be a tack driver. I hope you can find some 22 ammo, and have some fun with it.
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