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I've not noticed that Hornet brass is weak and feeble in my years of loading for it.

Now .32-20 and .38-40 are both delicate but they're not really a problem. The .22 Hornet is sturdy by comparison. I have the mighty .220 Swift so don't have to load the .22 Hornet up to gut-bustin' levels.

Quick Hornet story. The littlest .22 centerfire round can perform spectacularly, all out of proportion to its size.

Back in "early marriage" I thoughtlessly made the mistake of taking out a feral cat that ran out from some nearby undergrowth when I stopped to open the gate to leave our old home place. My wife was present. The cat made the fatal error of running around 40 yards down a lane and stopping to look back. I retrieved the Hornet rifle from behind the pickup seat and took my shot. The 45 grain Sierra hand load absolutely "grenaded" the cat in a most apparent way, featuring true technicolor.

I replaced the rifle behind the seat with no comment and prepared to climb in. Wendy, who had witnessed the whole incident, pleaded in horror: "oh, please go and make sure it isn't suffering!" I replied that "it most assuredly wasn't suffering," but nothing would do but for me to go see about it in order to keep her from doing so. Things looked dismal with cat everywhere.

She never minded tagging along on nighttime varmint hunts for coyote and such but I learned that wives don't make the best of field companions in all cases.
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