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With the ammo situation being as it has the past couple years, I have been shooting more 22 caliber rimfires.
Back in 2012 when I started buying handguns, a 22 was in the first couple. I bought a S&W, M&P 22. Those were the ones made by Walther. It was OK but I wasn’t overly thrilled. Then I got a Ruger SR22. I liked that way more than the S&Walther. I bought the M&P22 as a Black Friday special and after a couple years I got a chance to sell it for what I had paid. Took the money and got a nice, used stainless Buckmark with fiber optic front & rear sights and a 5.5” Bull barrel, priced at what I had just sold the M&P for. Again, it was alright but I felt it should shoot better or I should shoot it better. Meanwhile I had saved up and got a new 4 inch model 617. That revolver was just about rimfire perfection and I knew the Buckmark was headed down the road.
Eventually I took it to a gunshow where I traded it and a couple pictures of Ben Franklin for a nice pre model 43, airweight kit gun. It’s not as easy to bang bullseye’s as the 617 but I do better than with the Buckmark. I think I finally have 3 keepers.
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After shooting a few of my guns, my wife has sort of claimed the Ruger. It’s the only one she shoots now so I sort of have to keep that one anyways. I’d actually like to get her the one with a purple frame and black slide, then swap slides so I have an all black gun and she has the purple with bright aluminum slide which I believe is not a combination Ruger ever did on these.
What are your favorite rimfire handguns?

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SST Single Six
View attachment 579351
Single Six Old Model
View attachment 579352
Mark IV 10 inch target and 5.5 inch upper
View attachment 579353
Mark IV Hunter
View attachment 579354
Buntline Single Six
View attachment 579355
High Standard Victor
View attachment 579356
High Standard Sharpshooter M
View attachment 579357
Heritage Joker
View attachment 579358
And Kel Tec P17
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And all get shot in turn
I knew you had a few. How does that Kel-tek pistol run?
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I always wished that Smith would make a K Frame .22 Magnum. Something like a Model 66 short barrel... but in Bright Stainless... Thoughts?
Well, they do make a K frame 22 mag in stainless. The model 648 holds 8 rounds but has a 6 inch full underlug barrel.
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