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Here are some fun pictures for the forum.

My brother got my Dad's Model 10 2" barrel when we were dividing up guns.

My brother experienced an unfortunate fire in his house some years ago, but the Box and documents survived in a bookcase. One side of the box is darkened from smoke, but the contents were intact.

The gun was in a safe, but it got pretty hot, and after the fire, needed to be re-blued. That purplish cast on the barrel is how the new bluing came out.

A couple of weeks ago I posted pics of my Combat Masterpiece, and the question came up of whether I had the original box and packaging. Well, here is the complete set for a Model 10. There are a couple more pics I'll post in a scondary post. I'm up to my limit for attachments.

S&W Model 10 Left.JPG
Model 10 Yoke 1.JPG
Model 10 Yoke 2.JPG Model 10 Butt.JPG Model 10 Box.JPG
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