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I was at Winchester Gallery in Fort Worth today and a Colt SA caught my eye. As I was looking at it I was quizzing the manager.

It had a black powder frame so I knew that it was pre-1895-1900ish. Strange thing was, it was not worn at all and it was .44 Special. The barrel said so! Hmmm.

Me: What year is this gun supposed to be?

Him: 1893.

Me: Really? That's interesting. The finish is remarkable for that age.

Him: The guy we bought it from said he had it reblued.

Me: Well, refinishing takes away from the collecter value of the gun. How firm are you on the $1100?

Him: I can come down to $900 + tax.

Me: For a rebuilt gun?

Him: I would call it restored. Semanitcs, really.

Me: Restored? No, it's rebuilt and re chambered with a new barrell!
The .44 Special wasn't introduced until 1907!

Him: (non-committal) Well, I dunno...

Me: It's a nice gun, but any collector value is's basically a $500 shooter -- maybe. Who did the work? Any idea?

Him: No.

Me: OK, thanks!

Wow. A 1st generation, black powder framed, restored .44 Special from 1893 and of unknown provenance. Sheesh!

Caveat Emptor! jagap[a
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