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Saw a very nice Colt 3.5" Model 1991-1A. I liked the small compact size even though it is a all steel. Not a CCO ( Concealed Carry Officers) model by any means. But they cost the 12 Franklins for a used one, either :)

Wonder if anyone has roadtested one of these? And what their thoughts are on them....

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I have an Old Roll Mark version I bought a year or two ago. It looked to be near new in the box and I think it was about $500 (the ORM models aren't popular with some people but they have a utilitarian finish I like). I'm very happy I bought it. I runs fine with ball ammo or my SWC reloads over a range of pressure levels. It's inherently quite accurate and I was suprised to see that I shot it as well as its government model brothers. There have been internet reports of the bushing breaking but mine is stock with (I'm guessing) several thousand rounds through it without problems. Nice gun.
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