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1950 Model 26 Pair in nickel only ones known to exist.

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Total production of all 1950 model 26 was 2768 Revolvers, this model was never cataloged in nickel the two revolvers listed serial number S-80419 and S-80276
were a special order and are the only ones that have been lettered and are known to exist.
See information from Factory Letter Below
We have researched your Smith & Wesson .45 Hand Ejector Model of 1950 Target revolvers in company records Which indicate that your handguns, with serial numbers 880276 and 880419, were shipped from our factory on May 4, 1951 and delivered to the Olson Sporting Goods Co., located in Sioux City, Iowa.
An additional check of factory records indicates further there were two 1950 Model 45 Target revolvers with six and a half inch barrel and Nickel finish in this particular shipment.
We trust that the information furnished on your two revolvers will be helpful as well as of interest to you.
Sincerely Roy Jinks

Additional information on this pair of Revolvers
I purchased these revolvers in 1984 from a friend of the Family of the gentleman that owned these two revolvers, he had passed away and the family gave this friend the revolvers to sell. They were special ordered thru Olson sporting goods in Sioux City, Iowa in 1951.The gentleman that owned them was a town Marshall and he wanted the pair to wear during the different functions. He often times rode a horse in parades and had a pair of western style hand tooled leather holsters made for this pair of nickel plated revolvers and I received these holsters when I purchased the revolvers in 1984.
see pictures below.

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I love this forum, Thank you for your contribution. The guns and the men whom owned them never ceases to amaze me.
that is just very cool! As are all the other guns you put on display. See ya in Tulsa come April?

That's really awesome! Thanks for sharing.. I always look for your posts.
Jim...Gotta love that pair of nickel 1950 Target 45s.

The world's best S&W model (IMHO) in the world's best finish!
And TWO of 'em! :ymparty:
GASP! :eek:
Hey Jim,
Is that bumper chrome? :mrgreen: Seriously, those are 2 beautiful and unique guns. Thanks for sharing these.
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