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1946 transitional O.D.

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Here's a 'transitional' .38/.44 Outdoorsman's Revolver from 1946.
Keith Brown made the birdseye maple grips for it.
It's difficult (for me!) to photograph the beautiful grain in the wood, and I notice my lighting produced some unusual 'highlights' on the gun's frame.
Oh, well...

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Beautiful Don !!

Gun looks to be in great shape !! Nice pic too !!
Very nice, Don! I love those grips, too!

As far as the highlighting of the frame goes, I actually try to do that.. I'm not very successful most of the time, but to me it adds to the pic.
Looks like an elegant way to experience the .38 Special. Very nice.

I'm like Carl and like the highlighting.
Very nice, those grip almost like like aged ivory.
Don - Enjoyed your photographic efforts and your subject. Keep up the great work.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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