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This was posted awhile back on the "other" S&W forum, and thought you may like it here also. 1899 M&P 1st model I acquired and cleaned up. I don't believe the side-plate had ever been off.
1899 1st model M&P

a little disassembly,

I haven't taken it out to fire yet, if I do, it will probably only be with mild WC's.

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H Richard,
What a neat old gun!
Looks to me like it's 'found' the right owner, a guy who'll really treat it right.
Congratulations on a nice find.

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No, the inside of the side plate isn't jeweled. I thought it was interesting as the trigger mechanism is entirely different, with a lot different rebound spring, it being a flat spring rather than a coil spring in a housing. A knowledgeable forum member walked me through the disassembly, as it requires you to make a special tool (a wooden dowel just the right length to keep the spring compressed) that is the secret in being able to disassemble it.
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