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155gr. LSWCs--suggested loads??

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I have a box of "Rushmore" brand 155 grain SWCs...

My gun(s) of choice with this load:
S&W 625-3(s) (3 & 5" barreled guns)---preferred gun
Beretta Cougar
Sig 220

I could use any ideas at all for this weight/style bullet.


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The usual "start 10% below these loads and work up" WARNING applies here.

Brass - WW
Primers - Federal 150
OAL - 1.250"-1.260"
Firearm - 5" Springfield 1911
Bullet - "Magnus" Hard Cast 155 gr. SWC No.805 ($39.20 per 500 + shipping)

6.9 grs. Bullesye = 1,175 FPS
7.8 grs. Unique = 1,190 FPS
7.5 grs. AA#2 = 1,205 FPS
6.6 grs. Green Dot = 1,165 FPS
5.8 grs. Red Dot = 1,155 FPS

I like the Accurate Arms #2 load; it has been fast, accurate and clean burning.
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Thanks Moon!

I have Unique and Bullseye on the shelf...I will keep your load data!!! If I get attached to the 155s I will try a number of different powders and charges.

I happen to have an 8# keg of 700-X...I bought it a few months a great deal @ a little less than $8.00/pound.

Soooo...I called Hogden and got some info for this powder....5.4gr starting for roughly 1k fps.

I stuffed a few cases with 4.5grs to see if I might come up with a good "bunny fart" load for my 625s....sure nuff....that load was darn light and very accurate! I will shoot a 100 or so and see what the barrel looks like in terms of leading...these bullets seem med-hard. These light loads might be a good way to introduce new shooters to a big-bore gun.

This load would not reliably cycle my Springfield Armory 1911...stove pipe city every other round.

Thanks again for the load information.

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