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10-inch Flattops

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Blackhawk .357 with original box, s/n22801, shipped in July 1959. "Period correct" stag grips that are better than factory stags (best I have ever seen). Blackhawk .44, s/n 19355, very early gun with this barrel length, shipped in August 1959. Grips are elephant ivory by Nutmeg sports and were made to match the grip frame of this gun.


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First the S&W lusting that your created for so many of us over the years...

Now, this :mrgreen:

Bill, if you ever decide to auction off a day spent with Doc44, just fondling the guns....

I may end up being the high-bidder. ;)

Thanks, Bill, for yet another superb post. :ymapplause:
The chance to see the rarer models and ephemera is what really makes forums most interesting (for me, at least).
I wonder if the members here would be surprised by the value of the BOX for either a BHK30 or BHK40?
I know that many collectors are of the opinion that S&W RM boxes are at 'nosebleed' levels.
Suffice it to say that Ruger 10" boxes have 'lapped' the RM and HD/OD blue boxes.
On another front, I agree 100% with your 'period correct' assessment of the stag grips.
It's always surprised me that one of the authenticating hallmarks of 'genuine' Ruger stags is their poor fit (!).
The ivories (don't have a set of those) reputedly fit better.
Both examples shown in your post really look like they belong on the guns.

It doesnt get any better than that. Excellent guns and Don is right about the boxes. I have been fortunate to have owned a couple. both were 8 groove and both boxes numbered to the guns.


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