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  1. M&P 15
    I've had my Cali featureless Sport II for about a month now. I've learned a ton on youtube and really enjoyed going out and shooting it a few times already. Really great when you throw more bolt-ons onto it and notice the differences each item makes. But, the one thing that really bugs me, is my...
  2. M&P 15
    Brought a M&P-15 ORC several months back. I made some additions such as Magpul forend/handguard, Magpul steel BUIS, Eotech 512 HWS, and Magpul sling. I also put on a Magpul angled fore grip but I removed it because I didn't like the added weight or feel. (I do have an angled fore grip on my pump...
1-2 of 2 Results