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  1. Help identifying a Russian Model

    S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    Hello All, I am new to the site and I am in need of some help identifying a S&W Russian Model. The serial number is 7986 and I am trying to learn the year and the approximate value of the revolver and any other pertinent information that you could provide. I would greatly appreciate anyone's...
  2. WTS: S&W M&P Shield M2.0 TS, GREEN LSR 9mm Only shot twice. $350

    WTS, WTB, WTT-FIREARMS ONLY! Please Read Rules!
    WTS: S&W M&P Shield M2.0 TS, GREEN LSR 9mm Only shot twice. $300 PRICE REDUCED!! Hello, Hope you are all doing well. I purchased this pistol a month or so ago and thought I would really like the gun. For me, I prefer my older M&P 9mm. I don't care for the size of this gun and also the grip...
  3. New to this forum- A Warm Howdy to y'all

    New Members Introduction
    Hope to pick up and share helful hints about my re-acquired love for the snubby model 36. I joined Michael deBethencourts' group "I'mWithRoscoe". Michaels book and his videos have so many helpful tactics, methods, and suggestions. He is my snubby (and wheel gun) guru. I only wish he was in...
  4. S&W 1905 .32 revolver?

    S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    I need to know, which model and year of this revolver .32 Hello, I'm new here, good morning everyone. I recently bought this .32 revolver, but I have no information on it. It is very old and has disappeared many markings. I researched a lot, and I think it's from Smith & Wesson. I believe...
  5. Information - Old 586

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Hello, new to the forums. Seeking some information on an Model 586 I recently acquired as part of a trade. The owner of my local gun store believes its a late 70's model and it has a Target Hammer, Trigger, and Sights but not Grips. There is no dash after the model number. There is a G10 etched...
  6. WTS Smith & Wesson 9mm

    WTS, WTB, WTT-FIREARMS ONLY! Please Read Rules!
    Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm. Carrying Case Hip Holster (2) 16 round magazines 1 box of self defense rounds (20 rounds) ~110 FMJ rounds LIKE NEW condition, I've fired about 120 rounds through it. It's been thoroughly cleaned after each use. Good gun Asking $400.00 for it
  7. Commemorative Smith and Wesson Model 586 Double Action .357 *No 1 of 250* $700

    WTS, WTB, WTT-FIREARMS ONLY! Please Read Rules!
    Hello, I have a Missouri Conservation commemorative Smith and Wesson Model 586 double action .357. It is number 1 of only 250 made. (See photos) It has never been fired and comes with a nice display box and matching belt buckle. I have all of the original packaging, certificate of...
  8. Wts:Smith and Wesson model 66 combat magnum stainless steel.357 magnum revolver

    WTS, WTB, WTT-FIREARMS ONLY! Please Read Rules!
    SOLD Smith and Wesson model 66 combat magnum stainless steel.357 magnum revolver Smith & Wesson 66 Combat Magnum was only the 2nd stainless steel revolver made by Smith & Wesson. This is the original Model 66 commonly known as a “No Dash” made in 1973. This 6-shot, square butt K-frame...
  9. LTB S&W 547

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Hello! I am looking to buy a smith and wesson model 547. This model, to my knowledge, was produced in a couple variances. My ideal 547 would be the 3" barrel but if your price is good on the 4" please pm me with your asking price! Thanks
  10. Help date this old S&W 4th Model .32 DA?

    S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    Hi guys, first post here. I have never owned any gun before this. It was given to my friend, and then given to me. At first I didn't think it was very old because it didn't look like an old revolver because of the finish. Honestly I thought it was just a bad revolver because I've seen newer...
  11. S&W 629-3 5" CLASSIC & The Performance Center

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    I just bought this 629 with all the goodies. Included was a pamphlet stating I had just purchased a PC gun. WHY? Might that have been there other than by accident? Was the PC involved in some way with the Classic run of revolvers? Has this happened with other 629 Classic owners? This is...
  12. Help identifying .38 S&W

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Nickel plated 6-round .38 snub nose. Number on butt of gun: "C 15899" Other identifying marks: "F (possibly R) 5099 3" Pictures:
  13. .38 S&W possibly? Do you know?

    S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    Got this in lue of a debt... I know nothing else about it. I have the original sales receipt for it from 1958, with matching serial number... However, it calls it a .38 special, which it is not. Any help would be appreciated. (Dating, value, authenticity, etc...)
  14. Need help w/ ID and possible dating of a S&W revolver.

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    I bought a S&W revolver from a guy a few days ago and he was deaf and couldn't really give me any info on the gun. But its a small frame, 5 shot revolver, chambered in .38 S&W. Numbers are matching with a serial starting with 368**, above the serial is stamped/punched the number 2 and below the...
  15. Help needed

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    I just purchased a new in the box blued Model 14-3 SAO (TT) (TH) with a 6" barrel. Serial number 16K44xx. Can some help me with year of manufacture?
  16. Shield Safety Alert Nov 2013

    The Armory
    Hey Mr. S&W - when were you going to tell me about the possibility of an accidental discharge on my Shield if I happenned to drop it? Why do I have to read about this in the NRA November magazine? I registered my pistol with you, serial number, Email, and all. Yet I hear nothing from S&W...
  17. WTS/WTT New in box .32 New Departure

    WTS, WTB, WTT-FIREARMS ONLY! Please Read Rules!
    New in original box. S&W .32 New Departure Lemon Squeezer. 224xxx. Appears to be drawer kept it's whole life. It's been in my safe 25+ years. $700.00 or interesting trades. I like big bore S&W revolvers. Everything 357, 44mag, 45, 460, 500 What ya got.
  18. WTB - S&W 1076 10mm

    WTS, WTB, WTT-FIREARMS ONLY! Please Read Rules!
    WTB - S&W 1076 10mm handgun I've been looking for a while, if anyone has a S&W 1076 semi-auto handgun for sale, please reply to this post and let me know what you have (civ or ex LE), condition and what your asking price $ is. Thanks in advance, -Aftmech
  19. Review: M&P Shield vs. M&P 9c Photo Comparison

    S&W Semi-Auto Pistols Forum
    Special THANK YOU to DGM33 for letting us borrow his Shield for the photo shoot. :bow: Photographing the M&P Shield has really made me reconsider what I carry daily, which has been the S&W M&P 9 compact. When I am not carrying the 9c, I carry the Sig Sauer P238 Equinox in my pocket. This...
  20. 5906 same old question of how old is it

    S&W Semi-Auto Pistols Forum
    Well, brand new, and right away I'm asking a question in sure has even asked 1000 times but...I would like to know how old my pistol really is. Ser. # VDV6xxx. Anyone with a resource's response is greatly appreciated.