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  1. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    I bought a S&W revolver from a guy a few days ago and he was deaf and couldn't really give me any info on the gun. But its a small frame, 5 shot revolver, chambered in .38 S&W. Numbers are matching with a serial starting with 368**, above the serial is stamped/punched the number 2 and below the...
  2. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    :37-36ls::bluelogo: First thread on this site! Anyway, I just received a S&W K-22 from a family member and have done my research up to the point of figuring out the year and worth basically (though I wouldn't sell it). I've located all the serial numbers and markings. There is a set of numbers I...
1-2 of 2 Results