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  1. What is it, When was it made, What's it worth?
    Interested in knowing what year this model was produced in. M5065
  2. What is it, When was it made, What's it worth?
    I just inherited this S&W Model 19-3 .357 mag it looks to be in great shape. I own many guns but this is my first revolver. Was curious what year it was made and what recommended ammo to use in it. Any other info would be great. Serial number on bottom under grips start with 4k14xxx. Thanks for...
  3. New Members Introduction
    With so many S&W revolvers, what would be a couple of models to look at to start a collection? 60s-70s-80s vintage, that won't cost an arm-and-a-leg. Model 36, model 60, something else? Thank you!
  4. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Why doesn’t Smith and Wesson make a N frame revolver in 480 ruger?
  5. S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Hello - Newbie in many ways ;). Recently purchased S&W model M-649-1 revolver. J frame - 38 spec. Age not known - has 155 stamped inside - guessed at 1970's. Belonged to retired FBI so is currently double action only with wood handle and Tyler grip adapter. Probably more info than you...
1-5 of 6 Results