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  1. The Reloading Bench
    ive been reloading pistol cartridges for more than 30 years but have shied away from bottle neck rifle cartridges — so on this I’m a novice. objective is a mid range 223 round (55 gr) to use in AR style rifle. I’m using a Forster coaxial press and some mixed (but well cleaned) range brass and...
  2. Smith & Wesson Rimfire Guns
    So I have a brand new factory SW Victory .22 w factory bull barrel. FTF& Eject out of box w Eley Club Round nose & cheaper cci ammo. Couldn’t shoot 3 of either without a hangup. Disassembled to clean and lube well. In doing so, I cannot for the life of me replace factory grip with factory...
  3. S&W Semi-Auto Pistols Forum
    Hello All - I've had a BG 380 for 2 years now - have a P938 and a PPS also, but for everyday, around town, I use it due to it's size, weight, features, and plenty accurate for it's intended purpose. Here's my problem - It's been back at S&W three times now,,, once for a new laser, then a jammed...
1-3 of 3 Results