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  1. Help Identifying a Revolver

    S&W - Gunsmithing
    Hello! I have an older revolver that I inherited from my grandfather. I've located the serial number on the bottom of the grip of the revolver (S 9190 see attached). Any help is appreciated! If any more information is needed let me know.
  2. 32 revolver question- and saying Hello

    New Members Introduction
    I have a S&W 32 cal revolver. I hope the pic is attached. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the model, possible year of manufacture, and should I shoot it? I have a reputable gun shop near me and they do sell the correct ammo., however I haven't brought the gun in so, over the phone their...
  3. Found Old S&W revolver in house I inherited, help please

    S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    My neighbor passed and left me his house, we found a bunch of .38 shells, and I mean hundreds of them. After a week of clearing we found this old smith and wesson revolver in the top of a closet, it's in pretty rough shape but any help identifying it would be great. I have no idea about the...
  4. S&W M&P model of 1905 4th change Grips

    S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    Hi guys, I recently bought a 1922 S&W M&P model of 1905 4th change revolver an am having a hard time finding replacement grips for it. I plan on keeping the originals but they are in rough condition and would like some new ones for shooting. I know the model 10 is basically the same gun but the...
  5. Old unidentifiable antique revolver! HELP!!!!

    S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    Can anyone help me i.d. This revolver. I bought it in Guatemala in a old antique. They didn't know what kind it was. But they said they think it was a prototype.