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  1. Night vision - or lack of! What do YOU do to fix it???

    The Armory
    I used to be a cat - could see in the dark real easy. Now everything is either black, or dim. Hardly any shades of grey at night. So I've been thinking about night vision optics. But what to get - Gen I, II, or III? I think IV is military only? Monocular? binocular? Fits picatinny rails...
  2. XS Sights Standard Dot Set Tritium K/L/N Revolvers with Interchangeable Front

    For Sale: XS Sight Systems Standard Dot Tritium set for S&W K/L/N Revolvers with Interchangeable front blades (NOT Pinned) and adjustable rear sights. For more details see XS Sight Systems Part Number: SW-0014S-4. Tritium lamp insert is dated 12 (meaning it was made this year). I purchased...