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new model 3

  1. WTS New Model 3 .44 Extension Stocks + Boxes

    For Smith & Wesson New Model 3s, factory cut for shoulder / extension stock. #1 > I have one "as new / near new' bright wood nickel finish. NO BOX. $2450.00. #2 > almost as nice the one above but with a few light taps / dings on the sides of the wood and a light chafe & buff at the lower...
  2. trying to date a S&W New Model 3 .44 Russian

    S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    I'm trying to get a ball park man. date on a New Model 3 .44 Russian. It's a top break Model 3, moderate knuckle on the butt, had American stamp on the barrel. The SN is on the bottom of the grip and also stamped on the cylinder. The SN is 17837. Can anyone tell me when this might have been...