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    I'm brand new to this forum. For my personal defense sidearm, I carry an M&P SHIELD .40 in an Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift Modular Holster System. I've been carrying for 5 years & got started, thanks to the Emmanuel AME Church shooting. I'm going to be adding an M&P15 Sport II soon.
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    Hello, I just purchased a S&W Model 629 4" and decided to sign up to the forum. I made this decision because I found this place to be an excellent source of information which helped me to make my purchase. Specifically, I was considering a S&W Model 29, Model 629 and a Ruger Red-hawk Alaskan...
  3. Greetings from Malta, Europe

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    Hello, everyone. I'm John and I am from (and live in) Malta, Europe. Malta is a former British Colony that went through a lot over the centuries, particulalry the bombings in WWII. In 1964 we got our independence, became a Republic in 1974 and joined the EU in 2004. It consists of an...
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    Just joined up. Hope to learn more about revolvers. I own a Governor, L-COMP & A M627 Snubby. New to shooting, since the Navy daze, 15 years ago. Submarines, the only way to go to sea. Haze grey t'is knot the whey 4 me! :) mBs