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  1. M&P 15
    I recently sent my M&P OR 15 back to Smith and Wesson to have them check it out because it was punching primers on all different kinds of ammo. After they inspected it, they claimed it was fine, with no issues, but the same issue still persists. Also, after it punches primers, it sends the...
  2. M&P 15
    I am having issues with my bolt carrier in my new m&p 15 sport. i don't believe it's going into battery fully or it's a light primer strike. when I pull the charging handle it is locked and I have to bump the stock on the ground to get it unstuck. I pulled a rock river bolt carrier and put it...
  3. M&P 15
    Brought a M&P-15 ORC several months back. I made some additions such as Magpul forend/handguard, Magpul steel BUIS, Eotech 512 HWS, and Magpul sling. I also put on a Magpul angled fore grip but I removed it because I didn't like the added weight or feel. (I do have an angled fore grip on my pump...
1-3 of 3 Results