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  1. New member, happy 66 owner

    New Members Introduction
    Purchased this a few months ago (coincidental with stay at home orders) and have read really good things about it. Only fired 38 spl so far because the magnum is impossible to find right now but it is fun at the range. Any suggestions for a change of grips? This one just doesn’t feel right for...
  2. K Frame Round Butt Stag Grips For Sale

    For Sale - Sambar Stag grips for an S&W K-frame Round butt revolver. $250 If interested, e-mail [email protected], subject: stag grips Thanks, all! Rich
  3. WTS/WTT - K-Frame Diamond Magna Grips Square Butt

    <FOUND - CLOSE> WTB/WTT - K-Frame Diamond Magna Grips Square Butt I'm looking for several pairs of K-frame diamond magna grips square butt in good condition. I'm willing to buy or trade. I can share pictures if needed. What I have (also for sale): 1. K-frame non-diamond magna grips square butt...
  4. New Altamont Grips on my Model 640

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Just thought I'd show my new model "Falconia" grips; they're flush with the backstrap, but still give me more traction than I had with the stock boot grips. I also have tried Hogue overmolds, but then that blows my concealment with the butt hanging out.
  5. Grip Replacements For S&W 659

    S&W Semi-Auto Pistols Forum
    I love my S&W 659 pistols (I have two). As far as looks go, I like them even more than my 5906. But the plastic grips are cheap and flimsy, and I'd like to put new grips on at least one. I've looked on eBay and have seen some white, resin grips. The pearl grips are so-so. The white “ivory“ grips...
  6. S&W M&P model of 1905 4th change Grips

    S&W Revolvers 1857 to 1945
    Hi guys, I recently bought a 1922 S&W M&P model of 1905 4th change revolver an am having a hard time finding replacement grips for it. I plan on keeping the originals but they are in rough condition and would like some new ones for shooting. I know the model 10 is basically the same gun but the...
  7. Driskills!

    1911's Forum
    My favorite 1911 just got a new pair of Sambar Stag shoes, kudos to Ken!
  8. Where to order model 642LS grips?

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Hello, I am hoping someone can direct me to a place where I might buy the beautiful grips found on the 642 Ladysmith. I have a 642 and would love to have these grips on it. Please give me as many different retailers as you know of so I can comparison shop. Much Appreciated, Sincerely, Panoply
  9. Ahrends grips: New K/L-frame stained maple target grips, Like-new N-frame Cocobolo...

    Ahrends grips [price reduced]: New K/L-frame stained maple, Like-new N-frame Cocobolo Deleted (couldn't figure out how to delete thread, can't edit title, don't know who mods this forum and therefore who to message about it, sorry, this was the only solution I could think of), see new thread...
  10. 360PD: VZ grips YES or NO?

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Hi there, Is there a 340/360PD owner who can tell me, if the VZ G10-grips fit on the j-frame revolver? I already contacted the vz-support (great service) but they couldn't tell me an answer. Would be very nice if someone could clear this up, problem is that I can't just try it out and send it...
  11. Model 29 grips

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    I recently purchased a model 29 classic 6 1/2 in barrel factory engraved. I was wondering if I changed the factory grips to something more comfortable would I ruin the value of the gun. Is that just a no-no or does it matter as long as I keep the originals
  12. Grips- Target?Magna? Difference

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    Being somewhat new to this addiction, I'm wondering if one of you experts to describe briefly the differences in the various grips. How do I know target grips from Magnas. I think I can tell the "center diamond" grips, now I just need to learn the years different grips were used. Thanks!! Hank...
  13. Smith and wesson 908s grip question

    S&W Semi-Auto Pistols Forum
    Hello, long time since ive been on here.. Thank you all previously for the aid in choosing my S&W 908S I am hoping that someone can help answer a questiong about grips. I have been to a few different web sites trying to find a rubber grip for my 908S. I am looking for one with the finger grip...
  14. 18-4 with non original grips

    S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present
    I'm curious to get thoughts on what the lack of original grips does to the overall value of this revolver. I believe the gun is in 95% condition (disregarding thr grips), with slight muzzle wear. The finish is rich and deep with no discolorations, but there are very slight drag marks on...